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Mechanical and electrical installation

Mechanical and electrical installation

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The Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Branch is one of the professional branches of Shenzhen Pengcheng Construction Group Co., Ltd. The mechanical and electrical equipment installation branch has the qualifications of general contracting level 1 for installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, level 2 for fire protection, and level 4 for electrical installation (repair). It mainly undertakes air conditioning, ventilation engineering, fire protection engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering, and metal structure production and installation engineering. , High and low voltage power distribution projects, etc. There are six management departments including engineering group, material group, technical group, labor-management group, finance group and office, as well as six professional installation and construction teams for water and electricity, and one comprehensive construction team (mainly responsible for air conditioning, ventilation engineering and steel structure engineering construction) . The branch has 66 employees, including 41 engineering and management personnel with a college degree or above, 6 with engineering titles or above, and 14 assistant engineers. In recent years, the branch company has mainly undertaken the construction of Longyueju, Minxingyuan, Shenkang Village, Shenyun Village, Zhuoyue Blue Coast, Vanke Golden Mile Peak, Art School, Baoan No. 9 Mansion, Yitian Building, Southern University of Science and Technology, Universiade Sports Center, Shenye Garden Phase II, Kaiyuan Building, New Asia Center Plaza, Pengxing Garden, Zhuyuan Building, Xinghu Garden, Public Security Traffic Command Center, Customs Longwang Building, Pengyun Plaza, Youran Tiandi Home, Vanke Four Seasons Garden Seven Phase III, New Ginza, New Asia Garden, Caitian Village high-rise residential buildings, Dongmen Pedestrian Street power renovation, Shenzhen Red Cross Hospital inpatient building, Baozhu Garden Phase III, Huixin Qinfang Mingyuan, Chengzhu Garden, Shenzhen Second High School Teaching Building , Library, dormitory and canteen, China Merchants Haiyue Phase II Building 19~32, Haitian Garden, Haoranju, Yutian Village Phase II, Hanling Garden, Agricultural Science Center Residential Building, Dongguan Customs Building, Ruihe Yena, Yingjun Installation of mechanical and electrical equipment for Nianhua, Xiangshan Meishu Garden, Fu'an Xinzhou, Tiandi Taoyuan, Gaofa West Bund 4-6 and other projects.

The equipment installation branch is a cohesive group, with a relatively complete management system and an enterprising leadership team. The overall quality of professional and technical personnel is high, the professional knowledge is comprehensive, the construction team is rich in experience, and all types of workers are trained and certified Induction. In the past few years, certain achievements have been made, and it has been rated as an advanced group of superior companies and Eastern Group for three consecutive years.
As a new force of Shenzhen Pengcheng Construction Group, the Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Branch will continue its efforts to further improve the company’s management level and construction quality, in order to build Pengcheng Construction Group into a modern construction enterprise and build more high-quality projects for the people of Pengcheng Make your own contribution.

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