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Eastern Project

Eastern Project

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Shenzhen East Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in September 1992 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. At the beginning of its business, it was mainly engaged in the construction and general contracting of government projects. It is a second-class first-class state-controlled subsidiary of Shenzhen Early Morning. It is also the first construction company in Shenzhen to pass IS09002 quality certification for general contracting. In December 1998, the company was restructured into a standardized limited liability company. Enterprise construction qualification is the second-level general contracting of construction engineering; the second-level general contracting of municipal public works; the second-level professional contracting of building decoration and decoration engineering; the third-level professional contracting of foundation and foundation engineering; the third-level professional contracting of steel structure engineering. The company has a labor service company with independent legal person and first-level qualification.
Since its establishment, under the unified deployment of the group, it has worked hard to organize the development of Jingtian Garage, Xuezi Liyuan, Ruihe Yena and other projects. The company has successively contracted and constructed soft foundation treatment in the seven areas of Shenzhen Bay reclamation, greening of sports parks, Dameisha artificial lake, Yuxin school, Binhai Avenue sprinkler irrigation, Shenzhen shelter, Futian South water supply and drainage, Songpingshan living area, Hanling Institute, Ruihe Yena, Xuezi Liyuan, Shenzhen Baisha Logistics Co., Ltd. Multi-storey Warehouse Construction General Contract, Guanlan Street Zhenneng Primary School Renovation Project-Teaching Complex, Shenzhen Circular Economy Sludge Drying Project and Comprehensive Office building civil engineering, Guizhou Fanjingshan, COSCO Logistics Yantian Port Warehouse, Huafu Middle School Expansion Complex, Shenzhen Metro Project Zhuzilin Section, 8.26 City Appearance and Environment Improvement Project IV Section, Liuxian Second Road Bus Station, Guanlan Avenue Minle New People's Overpass Project at Fu Road Section and Tianbei Village Intersection, Kengzi People's Hospital Reconstruction Project, Dongguan Vanke Shuangcheng Waterfront and other projects.
The company's current construction projects include Eastern Sunshine Garden Phase II, Shenzhen Bay Port Auxiliary Project Phase I and Phase II and other construction projects. The company has been awarded the title of advanced enterprise by superiors and the title of Civilized Enterprise and National Excellent Construction Enterprise by the Shenzhen Municipal Government for many consecutive years.
The company will continue to pursue the enterprise spirit of "quality first, casting high-quality goods", sincerely serve users, continuously improve the management level, and build Eastern Engineering into an excellent construction enterprise with brand, strength and credit.

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