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Basic engineering

Basic engineering

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Shenzhen Pengcheng Construction Group Co., Ltd. Basic Engineering Branch is an unincorporated professional branch of Shenzhen Pengcheng Construction Group Co., Ltd. The branch was renamed as Basic Engineering Branch on April 30, 2015. The scope of contracted works includes the first-level professional contracting of foundation and foundation and the first-level professional contracting of earth and stone works. The main business scope is all kinds of pile foundation engineering, slope and foundation pit support engineering, earthwork engineering, etc.
The branches established by the branch include general office, finance department, contract budget department, project management department, and equipment and materials department. There are more than 40 employees, including 15 engineering and technical personnel and operation and management personnel above college degree, including 3 senior titles, 4 intermediate titles, and 3 assistant titles.
The predecessor of the branch is Shenzhen Pengcheng Construction Group Co., Ltd. Machine Transport and Earthmoving Branch. In recent years, it has mainly undertaken Huanggang Park, Futian Central District Cultural Center, Metro Building, Garden Expo Park, Nanwan Stone Field, and South University of Science and Technology Resettlement Area Changping's large-scale earth and stone construction project has no engineering quality accidents and casualties, and has been praised by relevant government departments and owners many times.
After more than 20 years of development and growth in Shenzhen, the branch has accumulated rich experience in construction management. The branch company is a cohesive group, with a relatively complete management system and an enterprising leadership team, with a group of high-quality engineering and management professionals and an experienced construction team.
After the branch was changed to the basic engineering branch, the business scope was expanded and the degree of specialization increased, and a new page was about to be opened. We hope that through continuous improvement and development, we will strive to form a more specialized basic engineering branch of a certain scale within a few years. In the new historical period, the branch will make persistent efforts to further improve the management level and build a new force that can increase revenue and profit for Pengcheng Construction Group.
The branch company will adhere to the management policy of "scientific management, careful construction, customer-oriented, service to society, environmental protection, resource optimization, health and safety, and sustainable development" to provide new and old customers with excellent products and sincere service. In the future, we will continue to uphold the tenet of "safety first, quality first, and honesty as the foundation", and strive to enhance the competitiveness and overall strength of the company, and create greater economic value to give back to the society.
Welcome new and old friends from all walks of life to communicate and cooperate with our company, work together to seek common development, and work together to create brilliant!

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