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Xi'an Branch

Xi'an Branch

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The Xi’an branch was established in 1987. It has been registered with the Xi’an Construction Committee and the Shaanxi Provincial Construction Department successively, and filed with the Xi’an Administration for Industry and Commerce. The registration qualifications include various types of industrial and civil construction projects and installation, decoration and decoration projects. The earth and stone works of construction projects, pipeline works, attached lifting scaffold frame works, as well as urban roads and airport runways, electrical and mechanical installation works, etc.  
Xi'an branch is the first-level branch of Pengcheng Construction Group Co., Ltd. in the northwest region, and it has Lanzhou branch, Qingyang branch, Zhongning branch, Xinjiang branch, Zhengzhou branch, etc. Xi’an branch currently has 5 project departments, 10 project managers, 45 management and engineering technicians, including 8 senior engineers and 35 engineers. The Xi’an branch has strong technical force and sophisticated equipment. It has new technologies such as hydraulic pressure, sliding formwork, lifting slabs, large square construction, full assembly grid overall structure construction and full frame cast-in-place, fair-faced concrete, ultra-high and large-span formwork support, etc. Rich technical experience in construction, and the production practice of high-quality construction in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.  
Since its establishment, Xi’an Branch has emphasized reputation and contract, and strictly abided by the group company’s tenet of quality first and service first. It has undertaken more than 90 projects in Xi’an, Qingyang, Zhongning, Weinan, Baoji, Tongchuan and other places. Among them, since 2000, more than 10 high-rise buildings have been constructed in Xi’an, with a project quality qualification rate of 100% and an excellent rate of over 90%; many projects have won the title of "Xi'an Civilized Construction Site" and municipal quality project quality awards. Decoration engineering construction is well received by customers for its novel and unique design, excellent quality, and environmental protection standards. The projects undertaken are widely praised by the owners and quality supervision departments. To build a project and make friends with one party, the Xi'an branch has also established long-term partnerships with some owners in an atmosphere of friendly cooperation.  
Under the leadership of the group company, the Xi’an branch has always adhered to the management policy of "Credit First, Customer Satisfaction", and emphasizes contracts, credit, service, efficiency, scientific management and advanced technology. In the process of deepening reform and transforming the company’s operating mechanism, we strengthened management and implemented a project management system. Over the years, we have adhered to the project economic contracting responsibility system, adopting the practices of contract quality, contract duration, contract construction quota, and security, with clear rewards and penalties. , Strengthen the quality inside, and shape the image outside, so that the project quality, construction speed, and project benefits are significantly improved. It has established a good corporate image and social benefits in Northwest China.

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