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Introduction to Technology Center

Introduction to Technology Center

Shenzhen Pengcheng Construction Group Technology Center is a technology research institution with innovation as the core established by the company based on the optimization and integration of existing technology resources. It is the organization and implementation organization of the company’s technology innovation system, and the company’s technology innovation system. Core. Its purpose is to give full play to the company's professional advantages, talent advantages, resource advantages and scientific research advantages, make better use of social resources, continuously improve the company's independent innovation ability and innovation level, and provide scientific and technological support for the establishment of technology-based enterprises and sustainable development.
The technology center was established on January 10, 2010. It has a technical committee, an expert committee, a technical research and development department, a technical information and promotion department, a comprehensive office, a laboratory, and a file room. It is mainly engaged in construction engineering, building industrialization, green construction, and renewable Technical research on resources and building reinforcement. Currently there are 53 employees in the technical center, 35 full-time R&D personnel, including 32 senior engineers.
Since January 2010, the Technology Center has carried out special research on the industrialization of construction relying on the project of Vanke No. 6 Experimental Building, and has achieved fruitful results. In September of the same year, the Technology Center became the supporting unit of the Building Industrialization R&D Center of Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau.
In July 2013, it became Shenzhen Municipal Research and Development Center.
The company attaches great importance to technological progress and independent innovation. Due to continuous investment in technological innovation over the years, our company has achieved fruitful results in the field of technological innovation. As of the end of 2015, it has participated in the compilation of 1 industry standard of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, 1 Shenzhen local standard, is editing 1 national standard, 1 Shenzhen local standard, and 2 Shenzhen local standards; it has obtained 4 national engineering methods , 15 provincial-level construction methods, 18 municipal-level construction methods in Shenzhen; 29 patents of various types; more than 50 technical researches have been carried out; a national construction industry green construction demonstration project has been created; a provincial-level new technology application demonstration project 3 Projects; 6 outstanding achievements of national engineering quality management team activities, 16 provincial and municipal awards.
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