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Controlling shareholder

Controlling shareholder

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Shenzhen East Development (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in November 1983, formerly known as "Guangdong Nuclear Power Plant Service Company". In November 1985, it was renamed as "Shenzhen East Development (Group) Company". It became a subsidiary of Shenzhen in September 2003. The pilot units of state-owned enterprises have completed the restructuring of the state-owned shares held by operators and employees.

At present, it is mainly engaged in the five industry sectors of real estate, construction, processing, property management services, and emerging industries. It has 15 national first-level (level A) operating qualifications and 54 patents for various types of real estate development, and has passed the quality Management, environmental management, occupational health and safety management and other management system certifications.

The registered capital is 250 million yuan, the average annual income is about 7 billion yuan, the total assets are 12 billion yuan, and there are about 16,000 employees.

There are 18 core secondary enterprises under its holding and wholly-owned enterprises, including:
Shenzhen Pengcheng Construction Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in general contracting of projects and the production of prefabricated building components. It has general contracting of building construction, general contracting of mechanical and electrical installation engineering, general contracting of municipal public engineering construction, professional contracting of foundation and foundation engineering, and urban Seven first-level qualifications including professional contracting of rail transit engineering and professional contracting of earth and stone. He has won the Luban Prize, the highest award in China's construction industry, four times.
Shaanxi Hengtong Juice Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of concentrated fruit and vegetable juice and is the world's largest supplier of concentrated apple juice. At present, it has 18 fruit juice production plants across the five provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Shanxi, and Guangdong, with a total production capacity of 1,050 tons/hour. It is a national-level agricultural industrialization leading enterprise in China. More than 98% of products are exported.
Shenzhen Tiandi (Group) Co., Ltd. (stock code 000023), is mainly engaged in the production of commercial concrete and has the highest national production qualification. It has professional production bases in Shenzhen and Hunan, which can produce ordinary concrete of various strength levels and impermeability. , Flexural resistance, retardation, early strength, corrosion resistance and other special concrete and ready-mixed mortar.
Both Shenzhen Dazhong Property Management Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen East Property Management Co., Ltd. have national first-class property service qualifications, with a total area of ​​14.09 million square meters under management.
The group has always been committed to the implementation of the management model of listed companies, based on the deepening reform of mechanisms and systems, and the construction of informatization and standardization, to promote the increasingly standardized corporate governance, and demonstrate the basic characteristics of modern enterprises and eastern characteristics.
In the future, the group will uphold the corporate values ​​of "respect, innovation, harmony, and win-win" and the cultural concept of "large fleet system, pursuit of a big cause, big stage mind, and feelings of a big family", and aspire to "build a century-old east" , Honesty, law-abiding operation, fair competition, pioneering and innovative, use industry to build the backbone of the enterprise, use efficiency to nurture the life of the enterprise, and use the system and mechanism to rejuvenate the power of the enterprise, and strive to achieve the grand goal of the "100-year East"!


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