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Work hard and forge ahead, overcome difficulties together ——Pengcheng Construction Group's projects in various regions are operating normally and are advancing steadily

Work hard and forge ahead, overcome difficulties together ——Pengcheng Construction Group's projects in various regions are operating normally and are advancing steadily

2020-05-14 00:00
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, all industries have been affected to varying degrees. As a labor-intensive construction company, the company is particularly serious. In the first quarter, most projects were suspended, and the company's normal output value was seriously damaged. However, since the full resumption of work, on the one hand, various epidemic prevention measures have been strictly implemented, and no one has been infected so far; on the other hand, production has been resumed in full swing, and the normal output value has been basically restored. The company’s projects across the country have been able to operate normally and proceed steadily. In addition, some projects have achieved obvious results, with bright spots appearing frequently.
1. The home field project of Xi'an Merchants City is moving forward against the "epidemic" and will be under construction during the Spring Festival.
In October 2019, Pengcheng Group successfully won the bid for the general contracting project of Xi’an China Merchants City's home DK-1 bid section. As the first large-scale real estate construction project in cooperation with China Merchants Real Estate, the company attaches great importance to it and arranges Chongqing as soon as the project wins the bid. The branch company selects and tunes elites to form a project department, and makes careful arrangements in terms of funds, material supply, and labor organization.
The project has a tight schedule and heavy tasks. In order to ensure that the project nodes are completed on time, all the main management personnel of the project department will be on duty during the Spring Festival, and the project will be properly planned to ensure the schedule. In terms of labor organization, faced with unfavorable situations such as returning home and shortage of personnel, every effort has been made to ensure that laborers meet the needs of construction by holding overtime labor mobilization meetings in advance, distributing progress payments for each labor team in full in advance, and giving appropriate subsidies to the Spring Festival overtime workers and their families demand. In terms of material supply, in the face of a series of problems such as tight annual funds and high payment pressure, we tried to ensure timely and full supply of construction materials by paying advances in advance and reasonably storing materials in short supply. In addition, in order to further improve morale and ease the feelings of homesickness and family members working overtime, on the New Year’s Eve, more than 400 management personnel and family members of labor workers were organized to hold a reunion dinner at the project site. The staff spent the Spring Festival together.
Later, when the epidemic broke out, Shaanxi Province launched a Level 1 emergency response to a public health emergency on January 25. The project department immediately formulated the "Construction Prevention Plan during the Epidemic" and ensured the supply of epidemic prevention materials, emergency implementation of epidemic prevention skills training, Measures such as strengthening on-site personnel management and control are strictly implemented. While ensuring the safety of the on-site personnel, it also ensured that the project proceeded in an orderly manner as planned, and was highly recognized and endorsed by Party A and the competent government units. On-duty leaders of various departments in Xi'an International Port Affairs District have visited the site to guide the epidemic prevention work many times, and fully affirmed and praised the epidemic prevention work of the project department. In addition, this project is the only project to be constructed during the Spring Festival in China Merchants Shekou, which has been fully affirmed by the leaders of CMSK.
At present, the project has a total of 14 buildings with a total area of ​​134,000 square meters, of which 5 buildings are used as Party A’s display area (sales department) and have been refined and put into use. Other parts are being steadily advanced in accordance with Party A’s node requirements and construction plans.
2. The Feixi School Project in Pingshan District was listed on the Red List of Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau in the first quarter of 2020.
Pingshan Feixi School Project is located in Pingshan New District, with a construction area of ​​approximately 121,000 square meters, including 48,083 square meters in the basement and 73,130 square meters in the ground. It consists of a 29-storey education complex, a 6-storey primary school teaching building, a 6-storey comprehensive laboratory building, a 2-storey multi-functional hall and library, a dining hall from -1F to 1F, and a building -1F ~1F basement gymnasium and wind and rain playground. Since the project is a people’s livelihood project, it has a large social impact and a tight schedule. It has been identified as a key project by our company since the start of construction. From the project team configuration, the company's back-end resource support to the company headquarters, the supervision and control of the functional centers are all high standards, Strictly demand.
The project management team also did not disappoint. Under the premise of ensuring safe and civilized production, it steadily promoted various tasks to ensure the smooth implementation of the requirements of Party A and the government in various links such as project progress and quality. After being listed on the Red List of the Shenzhen Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau in the first quarter of 2020, in April 2020, it won the "Excellent Construction Site Award for Safe Production and Civilized Construction of Shenzhen Construction Projects in 2020" in April 2020.
3. The handover of Nanshan Zhiyuan District D project is nearing completion.
Nanshan Zhiyuan District D project, with a total construction area of ​​225,549,557 square meters; Building D01 has 24 floors and a building height of 94.15m; Building D02 and D03 have 25 floors and a building height of 98.05m; there are three basements underground, with a negative one The height of the floor is 5.1m, the height of the negative second floor is 4.2m, and the height of the negative third floor is 4.1m. The purpose of engineering construction is scientific research and commercial nature.
As the finishing touch of the Nanshan Smart Park project, the project has been greatly improved and innovated in terms of supporting facilities and functions. It also has high standards and strict requirements. For the company, this project is of great significance as the company's first large turnkey project. Since the beginning of construction, it has been listed as a key project. During the construction process, we have always taken "a province with high quality and a city with quality" as the guiding principle, with the goal of creating the Luban Award and striving to create high-quality projects. During the construction process, the management concept of "planning first, model leading the way, process control, and first-time success" is strictly implemented, and the whole process is strictly monitored and refined management.
On the eve of the completion and handover, since the project is a building for the technological innovation industry in Nanshan District, a considerable number of technological innovation enterprises have already entered the premises. Therefore, the Nanshan District Government attaches great importance to the progress and handover of the project. The company and the project department stepped up to meet the difficulties, paid close attention to the closing of the project, and attached great importance to the quality control of the closing stage. At present, it is in the stage of coordinating the move-in and full handover of the property. To this end, the project department actively cooperates with property units to conduct full-professional and omni-directional inspections of the project and the transfer of project materials, and regularly hold property transfer meetings to coordinate the rectification of various units to solve the inspection problems.
4. The second phase project of Hefei Gaoliu Resettlement Site is actively preparing for the creation of various standards.
The second phase of the Hefei Gaoliu Resettlement Site is located in Hefei Economic Development Zone (North District), with a total land area of ​​approximately 63,300 square meters and a total construction area of ​​approximately 184,300 square meters. It includes 20 single residential buildings, 1 kindergarten building and related supporting facilities. building. All residential units in this project are integrated projects of residential industry.
The project contract requires at least 2 single residential buildings to win the "Amber Cup" award, and at least 10 single residential structures to win the "Quality Structure Award". They must reach the municipal safety production demonstration site and the provincial safety production standardization demonstration site. At the same time, the responsible contracting unit also plans to strive for the "Huangshan Cup" award. At present, the project is under construction of the main body of the residence, and various plans for excellence and standard creation are also being carried out as scheduled. Hefei City's safe and civilized construction standard chemical site and high-quality structure awards are being declared, and relevant leaders of Hefei City Construction Industry Association have come to the project to guide the creation of excellence.
5. The demolition and reconstruction project of Xinsha Primary School was awarded the title of "Excellent Construction Site for Safe Production and Civilized Construction" in the first half of 2020 in Shenzhen on the eve of the handover.
The demolition and reconstruction project of Xinsha Primary School is located at the junction of Xinzhou 3rd Street and Xinzhou 7th Street, Futian District, Shenzhen. It is planned to demolish all the original buildings, excavate foundation pits and reconstruct underground and above-ground structures. The project has 6 floors above ground and 2 floors underground. The construction land area is 11327.71 square meters and the total construction area is 36870.00 square meters.
This project and Feixi School project belong to the people's livelihood project, which has a large social impact and a tight schedule. As a key project of the company, it has high standards from the project team configuration, the company's backstage resource support to the supervision and control of the functional centers of the company headquarters. Since the start of the project, the overall quality and progress are basically controllable, and it is currently in the main structure construction stage. It is planned to complete the capping of the teaching area structure at the end of May, complete the handover of the fine decoration of the teaching area before July 30, and formally hand over to the school before August 30. At this stage, we are in the stage of rushing for work, preparing for the full handover when it is due.
Fortunately, the project is able to maintain safe and civilized production at all times under such tight schedule and high quality control requirements. On the eve of the transfer to the school, it was awarded the title of "Excellent Construction Site for Safe Production and Civilized Construction" in Shenzhen in the first half of 2020. .
Since the establishment of the company for 37 years, the time has gone from far to near, the company has grown from small to large, from deep cultivation in Shenzhen to the whole country. How many sleepless days and nights, how many front-line workers’ efforts, and how many people’s youth and sweat.
Along the way, there are not only thorns, wind and rain, but also flowers singing; there are both ups and downs in the business sea and warmth. Not only has he participated in and witnessed the development process of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, but also demonstrated his sincerity and responsibility through high-quality projects and craftsmanship.
Maybe the wind and rain are tight now, but the rainbow has appeared slightly, and the sun is hidden behind the dark clouds; maybe it is cold winter now, but the winter jasmine flowers are blooming brightly, and the hope of spring is in sight.
The road is not easy and there is a long way to go. We will continue to stay true to our original intention and continue the dream of building a human settlement; we will continue to adhere to the craftsmanship and win social respect with quality.
We will stand in the same boat and overcome the difficulties together.
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