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When the anti-epidemic progresses, the meeting will be held for a long time-Pengcheng Group's epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work briefing

When the anti-epidemic progresses, the meeting will be held for a long time-Pengcheng Group's epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work briefing

2020-02-27 00:00
On the occasion of the new year of 2020, the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus has swept across. The epidemic spread quickly across the country. This is a cruel war without gunsmoke.
Immediately after the outbreak, Pengcheng Group quickly responded to the deployment and requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and established a new crown virus epidemic prevention and control leading group, which is fully responsible for epidemic prevention and control and production during the epidemic. During the Spring Festival, President Zhang Chengliang personally deployed the epidemic prevention work, adjusted the company's resumption arrangements according to the prevention and control work deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the relevant requirements of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government, effectively reducing the concentration of personnel, and better protecting the health and life safety of employees.
On January 27, in accordance with the notice of the extension of the holiday, the Pengcheng Group urgently deployed a comprehensive survey of employees' movements during the Spring Festival, and paid close attention to employees in Wuhan and Hubei Province involved in the epidemic. On January 31, in accordance with the requirements of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government "Notice on the Resumption of Enterprise Work and School Opening Time", the company adjusted the resumption time and work method (online work) in the Guangdong Province region. At the same time, arrange for the off-site unit to actively communicate with the local government construction administrative department and the owner, and draw up the unit's resumption plan for approval by the group. The company's various management tasks were immediately launched online.
1. Public welfare donation
At the beginning of the epidemic, some employees of the company had already donated money and materials spontaneously, and charity donation activities continued.
On January 30, the company donated 30,000 yuan of goggles to the Guangdong Zhongshan Third Hospital and Nanfang Hospital's medical team in Hankou, Hubei (Guangdong Province supports the Hubei epidemic prevention and control medical team).
On February 2, the company issued the "Proposal on Fundraising Activities to Fight the Novel Coronavirus" to employees, which raised 51,382 yuan in a short period of time. The company will use all the funds raised for the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in accordance with the unified arrangement of the competent authority of the Shenzhen government.
On February 20, the Fujian branch of Pengcheng Group and eight caring companies in Xiamen jointly launched a charity donation activity for the prevention and control of new coronavirus infection and pneumonia, and donated disposable medical masks, N95 masks, medical gloves, and nursing care to Yanping District, Nanping City. A total of 300,000 yuan for eyepieces and living materials.
2. Preparations for resumption of work
According to the "Notice on Strictly Implementing the Management of Resumption of Work Records and Strengthening Epidemic Prevention and Control" issued by the Shenzhen Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau on February 3, the company’s epidemic prevention and control leadership team immediately deployed all units to carry out various preparations for resumption of work, and insisted on first-hand Focus on epidemic prevention, focus on resuming work with one hand, and focus on both. The prevention and control team emphasizes that all units must obey the unified scheduling and supervision of the local management department on epidemic prevention and control. Units that have not submitted and passed the review and approved for resumption of work shall not resume work, and workers shall not enter the site early.
The Comprehensive Office has carried out a comprehensive self-inspection of conditions for resumption of work, formulated an epidemic prevention and control management system, and prepared emergency plans for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, including personnel prevention and control, material security, site prevention and control, information publicity, and plan protection. Make detailed arrangements in all aspects. Implement relevant responsible persons and have clear responsibilities.
In terms of personnel prevention and control, the Human Resources Department is responsible for the investigation of the health status of the returning workers and the trajectory of their actions before returning to work, collecting the health self-declaration forms of the returning workers, and conducting a survey of all employees to meet the requirements for resuming work and production. ;
In terms of material security, as early as the Spring Festival, the Comprehensive Office had contacted the procurement channels of epidemic prevention materials and prepared necessary materials for resumption of work such as masks, disinfectant water, and thermometers;
In terms of site prevention and control, the integrated office carried out a comprehensive elimination of the office space in advance, and set up an isolation room on the first floor of Xinzhuyuan to deal with sudden abnormal situations;
In terms of information and publicity, the integrated office posted epidemic prevention and control propaganda slogans in prominent locations, and timely released the latest information on epidemic prevention and control through WeChat work groups, QQ groups and OA, and compiled Pengcheng Group epidemic prevention and control work notifications and epidemic prevention tips The content prompts the precautions after resuming work.
After nearly a week of preparations, the company accepted Xiangmihu Street's inspection of the company's filing site on February 11, and successfully received a notice of resumption of work on the 15th.
3. Epidemic Prevention and Control Work-Headquarters
After research by the company's leadership team, it was decided that February 17 was the resumption day for the Xinzhuyuan office building. However, in order to make every effort to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure the health and safety of employees, the company’s leaders studied and deployed detailed plans for resuming work this weekend.
On February 15, the company issued the "Notice on the Resumption of Work in Xinzhuyuan Office Building", canceling the company's opening New Year celebrations, requiring colleagues who resumed work to work must wear masks to work, self-check their body temperature every day and actively cooperate with the company to carry out body temperature monitoring. Avoid going to work with illness. The Human Resources Department has compiled a detailed schedule of commuting time for all levels, implementing staggered commuting to minimize personnel gathering.
On February 16, due to a confirmed case in Block B of Xinzhuyuan, an enclosed and closed management was formed around the office building. The company further improved the level of epidemic prevention and control, and arranged a comprehensive elimination of office areas and canteens on Sunday.
On February 17, all units received anti-epidemic materials after arriving at their posts, and immediately did a good job of protection and elimination. In order to avoid contact and crowd gathering, items are placed in an assembly line at the front desk on the 22nd floor for employees to take for themselves. The canteen uses disposable lunch boxes to pack and take meals for scattered meals. All units are responsible for investigating the daily epidemic prevention and control work of their units, focusing on the temperature monitoring and environmental elimination of returnees. The General Office is responsible for preparing the anti-epidemic work accounts, collecting them in time, and reporting them on time.
On February 18th, President Zhang Chengliang led the team, Executive Vice President Li Shizhong and Vice President Ma Li looked at the office environment of the returning employees layer by layer. In order to reduce the concentration of personnel, the plan for resuming work in the Xinzhuyuan office building to implement a shift system was again studied and formulated.
On February 20, in view of the fact that the company has not yet entered a full resumption of work, in order to make full use of the precious time for employees during the epidemic prevention and control period, the company issued the "Notice on Conducting Online Training for All Employees During the Epidemic". Carry out a number of online training courses in turn, provide a wealth of "spiritual meals" for the majority of employees, and also save energy for the development of various tasks in 2020.
4. Work Calendar for Epidemic Prevention and Control-Projects
On the afternoon of February 18th, President Zhang Chengliang of Pengcheng Group personally led the team, and company leaders such as Ma Li, Director Chen Zhilong, and Director Zhang Mingde participated. The project under construction "Epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production supervision and supervision" was held in the Antuoshan headquarters building. At the meeting, the company’s leaders first checked the closed management of the Antuoshan Building project, epidemic prevention propaganda, quarantine area setting, and preparation of epidemic prevention materials, and then listened to project managers to report on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control and preparations for resumption of production and production. Vice President Ma Li arranged recent work and specific requirements, and finally President Zhang gave important instructions:
Epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production are our most urgent tasks. We must grasp two key points. One is the continuous escalation of prevention and control requirements, and the other is the pressure of enterprises to resume work and production as soon as possible. Both key points must be grasped and grasped, especially the people's livelihood project must resume work as soon as possible, which puts higher requirements on our epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, we must also grasp two key points, namely: what to do before resuming work and what to do after resuming work. Focus on these two key points to carry out various work on epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production.
President Zhang requires that each project department must achieve four in place: First, prevention and control ideas must be in place, a high degree of correct understanding of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, and the importance of attaching great importance; second, epidemic prevention measures must be in place and strictly in accordance with government documents Spirit, company plan requirements, project department management system, targeted formulation of feasible plans and measures, and strive to be comprehensive, precise and meticulous, without missing important links; third, the implementation of measures must be in place, all measures must be implemented in place, it is important Attach government documents to the requirements, especially to strictly implement the "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Epidemics and Resumption of Work in Construction Projects in Shenzhen" and the "Top Ten Measures for Epidemic Prevention and Control and Work Safety in Construction Projects Resumed by the Shenzhen Municipal Construction and Public Works Department", and Urban Construction Group-Special Implementation Plan for Response to Coronavirus; Fourth, internal supervision must be in place. As long as the country does not end the epidemic, we must not relax, and various monitoring measures will continue to be implemented.
To fully understand the significance of resuming work and production, it must be possible to resume work under the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and control and construction safety, and not to emphasize resumption of work blindly. After resuming work, it is necessary to pay close attention to the health of the workers, to have a special person responsible, to detect abnormalities in time and actively respond, and to effectively achieve the "early detection, early reporting, early isolation, early diagnosis, and early treatment" of the epidemic. In addition, President Zhang also instructed all participants in a earnest manner that while doing all the work, managers at all levels must protect themselves. Only by protecting themselves can they be responsible for themselves and be responsible to their families. Good work and life.
In the next few days, President Zhang Chengliang led the members of the Pengcheng Group's Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group to inspect and supervise the advancement of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production in the Feixi School Project, Nanshan Smart Park Project, and Nine Dragons Project.
Project departments are also responding quickly to implement detailed project epidemic prevention and resumption of work and production. After various prevention and control measures are in place, work and production will resume in a safe and orderly manner.
Pengcheng people will use the "Three Ones" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping as the guidelines for the prevention and control of this epidemic and the resumption of work and production, and put the people's life safety and health first, focusing on epidemic prevention and production with one hand. , To ensure the normal and orderly development of construction and production work. Cheer for Wuhan! Cheer for China!
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