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Pengcheng Construction Group Design Institute welcomes opening ceremony and partner signing ceremony

Pengcheng Construction Group Design Institute welcomes opening ceremony and partner signing ceremony

2019-08-08 00:00
Dadao is currently striving in partnership!
On August 7, the unveiling ceremony of the Design Institute of Pengcheng Construction Group was held on the 26th floor of Xinzhuyuan Building A. Chairman Huang Hai, President Zhang Chengliang, Executive Vice President Li Shizhong, Vice President Ma Li and other leaders attended the meeting. After the unveiling ceremony, all staff of the design institute held the opening ceremony of the design institute of Pengcheng Construction Group and the signing ceremony of partners in the conference room on the 27th floor. The meeting was presided over by the executive vice president Li Shizhong. Under the witness of Chairman Huang, President Zhang Chengliang signed a cooperative operation agreement with four business partners.
At the meeting, Vice President Li Shizhong interpreted Pengcheng Group's three-year plan for the design business. He pointed out that the focus of the design institute in the past three years is to seize opportunities and promote the rapid development of design business. Seizing the opportunity mainly lies in the better integration of future design and construction, the combination of the advantages of the prefabricated industry chain, BIM and other technologies, which are conducive to the development of EPC business and the integration of design and construction. It also put forward several requirements for the partners: one is to abide by the agreement and operate with integrity; the other is to take responsibility for the management of employees and make every effort in production management. Ensure high-quality output of design results.
The four partners also spoke separately and expressed their gratitude to Pengcheng Group. Thank Pengcheng Group for its all-round support for the office environment and resources of the design institute, and expressed that in the future, under the guidance of Pengcheng Group, it will strive to create performance, share prosperity and disgrace with Pengcheng Group, and advance together.
Immediately afterwards, President Zhang Chengliang warmly congratulated Pengcheng Architectural Design Institute on the relocation of the new site, and warmly welcomed the four business partners and their teams to join the Pengcheng family! In his speech, Mr. Zhang introduced the group's national business development and the group's overall layout in the field of design. Mr. Zhang said that Pengcheng Group will strongly support the development of the design institute, and emphasized that building an architectural design brand is of great value to the development of the group, and there is a lot to be done in the future!
Finally, Chairman Huang Hai delivered an important speech. He first analyzed the development trend of the construction industry at home and abroad, and pointed out that the development of the architectural design business has important strategic significance for the development of the EPC business of the group. Chairman Huang put forward: "The road is now, fight in partnership!" He summarized and analyzed the three advantages of the group design institute: first, the group has the strength of design double-A qualification; second, the group has a wealth of prefabricated buildings Construction experience; third, the group has provided high-quality services to major brand developers for a long time, and has been rated as an A-level supplier by Vanke many times. These comprehensive strengths and reputation have provided a solid backing for the design institute to open up the market. Finally, Huang Dong also put forward some hopes for partners and related functional departments:
1. Service: The group provides high-quality and efficient services to the design institute, and the design institute must also provide customers with high-quality and efficient services;
2. Norms: Partners must follow the group’s systems and procedures, comply with norms, and operate legally;
3. Coordination: The design institute must cooperate well with the company's bidding and construction project requirements for design;
4. Mutual benefit: the group and the design institute grow together;
Next, Pengcheng Architectural Design Institute will enter a new stage of development, further integrating, optimizing and perfecting the design team, and fully developing and expanding in various fields such as prefabricated architectural design, schematic design, construction drawing design, civil air defense design, and BIM design. In the future, on the basis of the strong support of the group and the superior development platform provided by the group, the partners and colleagues of Pengcheng Architectural Design Institute will maintain the enterprising and innovative spirit of striving for excellence and strive to promote the development strategy of the group to a newer and stronger At this stage, we will continue to fight for a new situation!
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