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Summary of the promotion and application of integrated thermal insulation and decoration technology in Jinan

Summary of the promotion and application of integrated thermal insulation and decoration technology in Jinan

2015-12-21 00:00
As of the end of December, this year Jinan City, Shandong Province has not only completed 1.2 million square meters of existing residential buildings energy-saving renovation tasks, but also applied the integration of thermal insulation and decoration technology to the renovation of old communities for the first time in Shandong Province.
The integration of thermal insulation and decoration technology is developed in accordance with the two major trends of national building energy conservation and beautiful urban buildings. It combines the two major functions of thermal insulation and decoration. It is an upgraded product of building insulation and decoration materials, not a substitute. Applying this technology to the energy-saving renovation of old residential quarters is equivalent to replacing the thick "padded clothes" wrapped in buildings with "thermal underwear", and processing them in the factory at one time, which can effectively avoid heat caused by traditional construction. Wall peeling caused by expansion and contraction.
Technological innovation to improve the effect of old community renovation
Building energy consumption accounts for nearly 1/3 of the country’s total energy consumption. Among them, the wall, as the most widely used part, has the highest contribution rate to energy consumption. Therefore, the use of new technologies to implement high-efficiency thermal insulation on the building envelope has become the main measure of building energy conservation.
As early as 2008, Jinan City started the energy-saving renovation of existing residential buildings and applied new wall materials to this work. After years of practice, the technology and standards have been greatly improved. In this context, some innovative companies began to research new materials and new products. After hard research and trial and error, they successfully launched exterior wall thermal insulation decorative panels that combine thermal insulation and decorative functions, and obtained national patents. Patent authorization from the Office.
"The integrated technology of thermal insulation and decoration is to realize the finished product of the semi-finished thermal insulation and coating products directly on the assembly line, turning the uncontrollable manual construction into mechanized and automated production, and changing the complicated manual on-site construction into simple on-site installation. , Has the advantages of good energy-saving effect, short construction time, and guaranteed construction quality." In the eyes of industry insiders, "the emergence of integrated technology will further enhance the transformation effect of old communities."
Policy support 30 yuan per square meter subsidy
In order to encourage the promotion and application of new technologies and new processes, Jinan has formulated a series of incentive measures to include the energy-saving renovation projects of existing residential buildings that use new technologies and new materials into the scope of awards for building energy-saving demonstration projects.
According to the regulations of Jinan City, it was included in the energy-saving renovation plan of the current year, and the exterior wall adopts new materials, new processes, and new technologies recognized by the industry authority, such as integrated decoration and insulation technology, ultra-thin thermal insulation panels, etc. The renovation effect is significantly better than that For traditional renovation projects, a subsidy of no more than 30 yuan per square meter can be obtained.
Demonstration-driven integrated technology is well received
In 2015, Jinan City launched 3 demonstration projects in the city to promote the application of integrated thermal insulation and decoration systems, namely the dormitory building of the Jinan Public Security Traffic Police Detachment in Lixia District, Millennium Park in Shizhong District, and Zhangqiu City Public Security Bureau The dormitory building of Shuangshan No. 1 Police Station.
The reporter saw in the 1# residential building project, Traffic Police Division, Jinan Public Security Bureau, at No. 13708, Jingshi Road, Lixia District, that the complex has a completely new look after the transformation. The imitation marble finishes make the building look more textured and more elegant. Modern atmosphere. Residents all gave thumbs up when talking about this "warm house" project.
"The work is done very well. We pay attention to the progress of the project every day when we walk in the community. Look at the thickness of the wall panels and how the insulation effect is not good. The house has just been heated these days, and the house is already warmer than in previous years. "The community resident Mr. Li told reporters.
Wei Hongsi, general manager of Jinan Mingyang Thermal Insulation Engineering Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the external wall insulation construction of the dormitory building of the Traffic Police Detachment of Jinan Public Security Bureau, told reporters that this new technology that integrates thermal insulation and decoration functions has simple construction and high aesthetics. , Good heat preservation effect, stable quality, etc. Compared with the traditional thin plastering construction method, the construction process is simpler and the construction period is shorter. There is no need to apply mortar, paste grid cloth, etc., just stick the integrated board to the wall through rivets and adhesives on site. Because the construction is simple and not affected by the season, the construction period can be shortened by more than 60%.
Wei Hongsi also told reporters that the application of "integrated" technology for thermal insulation and decoration can effectively solve the problem of wall peeling. "Because the integrated product is processed in the factory, its insulation layer and veneer have been bonded together, so there will be no problems such as uneven mortar application and insufficient mortar hardness that are common in traditional manual operations. It will cause wall peeling problems caused by thermal expansion and contraction, with higher safety and longer service life."
The successful promotion of three demonstration projects has explored a new way for the energy-saving renovation of existing residential buildings in Jinan. With the popularization and application of new technologies and new processes, more and more residents in old communities will enjoy the benefits of science and technology in the future. According to the work arrangement, the Jinan Urban and Rural Construction Committee will gradually promote this new technology and new technology from next year to ensure that every county (city) district in the city has at least one energy-saving renovation project for the old community using "integrated" technology. By 2017, no less than 30% of existing residential building energy-saving renovation projects using "integrated" technology will reach more than 50% in 2018.
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