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Shenzhen's housing industrialization realizes "five chemicals in one"

Shenzhen's housing industrialization realizes "five chemicals in one"

2015-08-05 00:00
At the opening ceremony of the 14th Housing Expo held recently, the Shenzhen delegation’s experience in housing industrialization was well received. It is reported that through the dual-engine drive of government guidance and market-oriented operation, Shenzhen has explored the formation of a "five-in-one" (standardized design, factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration and information management) overall solution to create a sustainable The "Shenzhen Model" of the development of housing industrialization.
   Housing industrialization is a fundamental change to the traditional construction industry. It is also the only way for the construction industry to move from the "speed age" to the "quality age" when the demographic dividend is gradually disappearing.
The person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau said that in recent years, Shenzhen has accelerated the industrialization of housing, formed a dual-engine promotion model of "government-guided market-oriented operation", explored and formed an overall solution of "five chemicals in one", which constitutes a The "Shenzhen Model" of sustainable housing industrialization.
  In the field of affordable housing, Shenzhen continues to explore the "three-in-one" promotion model of "industrialized construction of affordable housing and green buildings". For the first time, the Longyueju Phase III public rental housing project has applied industrialized technology on a large scale on a building area of ​​216,000 square meters. Its exterior walls, stairs, and corridors are all factory prefabricated and assembled on site, and a number of green and low-carbon applications are integrated. Technology and products. The relevant leaders of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development commented that it has explored a new model for the construction of affordable housing and established a new model.
   At the same time, in the field of ordinary commercial housing, real estate companies represented by Shenzhen Vanke have perfected the standardization and formalization of internal residential products, and quickly replicated them nationwide.
At present, Shenzhen has cultivated 4 national residential industrialization demonstration bases and 40 municipal demonstration bases, including Vanke Group, Jada Hi-Tech, China State Construction International, and Huayang International. Among them, Huayang International is the country’s first design demonstration base . Dozens of prefabricated component factories in the city and surrounding areas have formed a clustering effect. The city's built and planned industrialization projects have reached 3 million square meters.
   At the end of 2014, the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Industrialization of Shenzhen's Housing" was released. Shenzhen launched a package of housing industrialization incentives. Shenzhen began to comprehensively promote housing industrialization, moving from a pilot housing industrialization city to a model city. (Special correspondent Dou Yanwen)
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