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Guangdong suspends construction of economically suitable houses

Guangdong suspends construction of economically suitable houses

2012-03-07 00:00
In the future, Guangdong will establish a new housing security system with public rental housing as the main security method. The building area of ​​a single set of newly built public rental housing is mainly about 40 square meters. Except for the projects that have been approved, the construction of affordable housing will be suspended and the supply objects will be included in the scope of public rental housing supply.
The “Guangdong Housing Security System Reform and Innovation Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) issued by the Guangdong Provincial Government recently stated that by the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the coverage of affordable housing in Guangdong province will reach about 20%, making the urban areas lower The housing difficulties of low-income families (including those with the lowest income, the same below) have been basically resolved, the housing difficulties of newly employed workers have been effectively alleviated, and the living conditions of migrant workers have been significantly improved.
According to the "Plan", Guangdong will gradually merge the province's existing low-rent housing, directly managed public housing, and public rental housing, and other affordable housing units, and operate them together, and classify them as public rental housing (hereinafter referred to as "public rental housing"). , Just rent but not sell.
The suspension of the construction of affordable housing is to a large extent closely related to a series of chaos in the implementation of affordable housing and price-fixed housing. As a type of affordable housing, Jingshifang has played a positive role in alleviating housing difficulties for families with housing difficulties, especially the "sandwich layer" housing difficulties. However, scandals have frequently occurred in recent years, such as Wuhan "Six Lianhao", Beijing Jingshifang illegal rental, Shenzhen Kaihao Car application for security housing, etc.
  Professor Chen Lin, a research expert on affordable housing and director of the Real Estate Research Institute of Guangzhou University, told China Business News that the suspension of new affordable housing is mainly based on the future withdrawal and management of affordable housing. "Of course there are reasons for stopping construction. Most of the rent-based directions are correct. However, if the sale-type security housing is completely abolished, it will affect some people who need to buy property-owned housing."
Chen Lin said that public rental housing is the mainstay of public housing, and a small number of sales-type affordable housing may be more suitable for the housing needs of the majority of people. In fact, like Hong Kong and Singapore, the role of sales-type social housing is very prominent. She believes that it is necessary to make sales-type affordable housing more reasonable circulation. Although the sales-type social housing has property rights protection, it is also an "inner loop". If it is to be transferred in the future, it should also be transferred in the social housing market, and the income is limited, so as to avoid the shortcomings of the current sales-type social housing.
Some experts also believe that the suspension of construction of affordable housing may boost housing prices. This is because once affordable housing and price-limited housing are completely abolished, groups with corresponding needs can only go to the market to buy commercial housing, which may push up prices in the current market environment of commodity housing where demand exceeds supply.
However, the suspension of new construction means that once there is demand in the future, the affordable housing may still be reopened. "This can be observed for a period of time and see the reaction of the insured before making a decision." Chen Lin believes that the suspension of construction of affordable housing is mainly to consider from the perspective of improving the exit mechanism, "We must continue to design more complete plans, rather than a complete one size fits all. "
--China Business News
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