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Nine major measures of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to ensure safe production

Nine major measures of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to ensure safe production

2012-02-03 00:00
A few days ago, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the “Notice on the Implementation of the “Opinions of the State Council on Adhering to Scientific Development and Safe Development to Promote the Continuous and Stable Improvement of Work Safety” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), requiring housing and urban-rural development departments at all levels to fully understand and implement Scientifically develop the importance of safe development, further enhance consciousness and determination, and strive to promote the work of construction safety production, and promote the continuous and stable improvement of the situation of construction safety production.
In 2011, the safety production work of the housing urban-rural construction system achieved relatively obvious results. The number of production safety accidents and deaths in housing and municipal engineering throughout the country decreased by 11.6% and 8.94% respectively from 2010; municipal public facilities such as water supply and drainage, gas, etc. The overall operational safety situation is relatively stable. But currently, our country is in a stage of rapid development, the scale of construction is large, and production safety accidents are still prone to occur frequently. It must be clearly recognized that the safety production situation of the whole system is still relatively severe: First, the total number of safety accidents in construction production is relatively large, large and above accidents occur from time to time, and major accidents have not been completely contained; the uneven progress of various regions It is quite prominent; in some places, there have been many accidents and dangers in urban rail transit projects. Second, there are still many hidden dangers in project quality and safety and violations of laws and regulations. Third, accidents such as the leakage of urban gas and the collapse of self-built houses in rural areas still occur.
In 2012, the housing urban-rural construction system must continue to consolidate the concept of scientific development and safety development, with the goal of further reducing the total number of accidents, effectively preventing and resolutely curbing major accidents, and focusing on the quality and safety of construction projects, the operation of municipal public facilities, and the construction of villages and towns. For key tasks such as engineering and existing building safety management, we will guide and supervise relevant departments and units in the system to do a solid job and comprehensively complete the safety of the housing urban and rural construction system.
   Insist on scientific development and safe development requires continuous improvement of various policies and measures. To this end, the notice puts forward requirements from nine aspects:
   One is to strengthen the legal system for production safety. Actively implement the construction safety production laws, regulations and technical standards, focusing on promoting the "Interim Measures for the Supervision and Supervision of the Production Safety and Quality Accidents of Housing and Municipal Engineering", "Interim Measures for Construction Site Leadership by Persons in Charge of Construction Enterprises and Projects", and "Major Hidden Hazards in Construction Safety" Effective implementation of three systems including the Interim Measures for the Supervision of Listing. Accelerate the formulation of the "Regulations on the Safety and Quality Management of Urban Rail Transit Projects", revise and improve the "Regulations on the Management of Major Persons in charge of Construction Enterprises, Project Leaders and Full-time Safety Production Managers", and promulgate and implement the "Uniform Technical Code for Construction Safety", etc.
   The second is to fully implement the responsibility for safe production. Housing and urban-rural construction departments at all levels should earnestly perform their safety supervision responsibilities, focusing on affordable housing projects and urban rail transit projects, strengthening level supervision and on-site inspection, and highlighting the deep foundation pits, tall formwork, scaffolding, and construction involved in the construction of the project. Key parts and links such as lifting machinery and equipment. Establish and improve incentive and restraint mechanisms, regularly report production safety accidents, and implement a supervision and interview system for areas and enterprises where work is not adequate.
   The third is to severely investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations. Housing and urban-rural construction departments at all levels must conscientiously implement relevant laws and regulations, strictly investigate and punish bid-rigging, stringing of bids, and false bidding in the project bidding process, and severely crack down on subcontracting and illegal subcontracting; dismemberment, malicious price reduction, and compression Reasonable construction period behavior; the behavior of enterprises without qualification certificates or beyond the scope of qualification certificates to undertake projects, and the behavior of employees without qualification certificates to engage in construction activities; behaviors that do not follow mandatory standards for survey and design, construction, and cut corners and shoddy materials; do not perform construction License, quality and safety supervision and other legal construction procedures.
  Fourth is to seriously investigate and deal with safety incidents. Accident investigation and handling work should be done conscientiously, and the accident investigation and handling supervision system should be strictly implemented. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is responsible for supervising large and above production safety accidents, and the provincial-level housing and urban-rural construction department is responsible for supervising general production safety accidents. Strictly investigate the responsibilities of enterprises and personnel responsible for the accident in accordance with the law, and increase penalties for enterprise qualifications and practitioners’ qualifications.
   The fifth is to carry out supervision and inspection seriously. The construction safety supervision and inspection should achieve "four combinations". The first is the combination of comprehensive inspections and key inspections, the second is the combination of self-examinations and random inspections, the third is the combination of regular inspections with concentrated and special inspections, and the fourth is the combination of open and secret inspections.
   The sixth is to strengthen the investigation and management of potential safety hazards. It is necessary to urge the construction enterprises to establish and improve the work system for the investigation and management of potential safety hazards, and implement them in each project. Regularly organize safety production management personnel, engineering and technical personnel and other relevant personnel to investigate the hidden dangers of the project, especially for sub-projects with greater technical difficulty and greater risk. For the hidden safety hazards of the engineering projects that are found out, it is necessary to implement timely treatment and elimination. Make full use of technology and information technology to strengthen the monitoring, monitoring and forecasting and early warning of potential safety hazards.
   Seven is to focus on production safety education and training. It is necessary to strengthen safety education and training for the main persons in charge of construction enterprises, project leaders, full-time safety production management personnel, and special construction workers. It is necessary to strengthen safety education and training for construction site workers, especially migrant workers, popularize common sense of safety production, enhance safety awareness, and master basic safety skills and knowledge of protection and rescue.
   Eighth is to strengthen the construction of safety supervision team. It is necessary to establish and improve the construction safety production supervision and management agency, according to the actual situation of the continuous expansion of the project construction scale in the region, and allocate safety supervision personnel to meet the needs of the work. Improve the professional level of construction safety supervision team, innovate construction safety supervision methods, make full use of information technology, improve construction safety supervision efficiency, and achieve strict, fair, clean and civilized law enforcement.
   Nine is to play the role of social supervision. It is necessary to give full play to the positive role of the news media, encourage employees to supervise and report various construction safety hazards, and reward reporters. Further unblock social supervision channels and accept the public's public supervision of construction safety production. Vigorously advocate the safety culture of "caring for safety and caring for life", and create a good atmosphere in which the whole society attaches importance to construction safety production.
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