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Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Strengthening the supervision of engineering quality and safety in the construction market

Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Strengthening the supervision of engineering quality and safety in the construction market

2011-12-26 00:00
On December 23, the National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Work Conference was held in Beijing. Jiang Weixin, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, delivered a report at the meeting, comprehensively summarizing the work in 2011 and making arrangements for the key tasks in 2012. Ministry Party Leadership Group members and deputy ministers Qiu Baoxing and Chen Dawei, Ministry Party Leadership Group members and head of the Discipline Inspection Group of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Ministry, and Ministry Party Leadership Group members and deputy ministers Qi Ji and Guo Yunchong attended the meeting.
The meeting held that the housing urban-rural construction system resolutely implemented the central government's decision-making and deployment, and good progress has been made in all aspects of work, laying a good foundation for the scientific development of housing urban-rural construction during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period.
Jiang Weixin pointed out that the scale and heavy tasks of the indemnificatory housing project in 2011 is unprecedented. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and with the joint efforts of all localities and departments, the task of starting construction of affordable housing and renovating 10 million sets of housing in shanty towns was completed ahead of schedule this year. Since the beginning of this year, all regions and departments have stepped up their efforts to implement the central real estate market regulation and control policies. In most regions, the growth rate has fallen. The real estate market has been operating stably on the whole, and the regulation and control has been effective.
 Jiang Weixin pointed out that this year's urban and rural planning and construction management work has been further advanced. The total number of urban and rural planning inspectors stationed in the cities reached 89, and the total number of inspectors reached 102. All parts of the country have actively taken measures to strengthen urban management. It is estimated that this year, the harmless treatment rate of urban domestic garbage in the country will exceed 78%, and the rate of urban sewage treatment in the country is expected to reach 80%, both higher than last year. 2.65 million dilapidated houses in rural areas were renovated. The management of housing provident fund has been strengthened, and funds are generally safe.
Jiang Weixin introduced that this year, the supervision of the construction market has been further strengthened, and the whole system has organized and carried out inspections on the quality and safety of construction projects, construction market and rail transit projects. Start the heating metering and energy-saving renovation of existing residential buildings in northern heating areas by 170 million square meters, which is equivalent to the total amount of renovation tasks during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period. New energy-saving design standards have been fully implemented in severe cold and cold areas.
The meeting emphasized that doing a good job next year will not only have many favorable conditions, but also face some contradictions and problems. It is necessary to comprehensively and correctly judge the situation and increase the initiative and foresight of work. According to the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, next year's work will be focused on 8 areas:
First, continue to promote the construction of affordable housing projects and strengthen management. Next year, more than 7 million new affordable housing and shantytown renovation housing will be built, and more than 5 million will be basically completed, and the number of completions will be higher than this year. Take effective measures to ensure the implementation of funds and land. Strictly control planning and design, building materials supply, construction and completion acceptance to ensure project quality. Improve the access distribution mechanism and strengthen the use and exit management. We will conscientiously do a good job in supporting the construction of infrastructure such as water, electricity, roads, gas and public transportation in affordable housing communities. In-depth study of housing security policies and mechanisms, and gradually improve the top-level design of the housing system.
The second is to continue to unswervingly persist in real estate regulation and control, and promote the healthy development of the real estate market. We must continue to implement the responsibility of local governments for the regulation of housing prices. Strictly implement differentiated housing credit and tax policies, support residents' reasonable housing needs, and give priority to ensuring the loan needs of first-time home buyers. Efforts will be made to accelerate the construction of low- and medium-priced, small and medium-sized ordinary commercial housing. Speed ​​up the construction of personal housing information system. Pay attention to the construction of a long-term mechanism for the real estate market to promote the reasonable return of housing prices. The preparation of housing development plans was fully launched.
The third is to promote urban planning, construction and management. Efforts should be made to improve the quality of the compilation of urban master plans and provincial town system plans, and enhance the scientific nature of planning. Continue to expand the scope of the Ministry of Urban and Rural Planning Inspectors stationed in cities, and basically realize the full coverage of the overall planning cities approved by the State Council. It is necessary to strengthen the comprehensive management of cities and further strengthen the comprehensive management of urban underground pipelines. Next year, all localities will launch a general survey of urban underground pipelines. Cities should actively explore and innovate underground pipeline management methods, create and accumulate management experience. Strengthen the management of urban construction archives such as urban underground pipeline projects, and promote the expansion and extension of the functions of the digital city management platform to the fields of underground pipelines and urban safety. Continue to strengthen the safety supervision of municipal public facilities such as water supply, heat supply, gas supply, and urban bridges, and take effective measures to prevent urban waterlogging. Speed ​​up the construction of urban sewage and garbage treatment facilities, strengthen the safety supervision of municipal public facilities, and improve the urban living environment. Prepare and implement a comprehensive urban transportation system plan, accelerate the construction of urban rail transit and pedestrian and bicycle transportation systems, vigorously promote the use of green transportation, and alleviate urban traffic congestion.
Fourth is to focus more prominently on building energy conservation. It is necessary to raise awareness and put the building energy-saving work in a more prominent position. Next year, 190 million square meters of heating metering and energy-saving renovation of existing residential buildings in northern heating areas will be launched. Further strengthen the supervision of energy conservation in new buildings. Vigorously develop green buildings. Promote the industrialization of housing and promote the full decoration of commercial housing.
Fifth, speed up the improvement of the housing provident fund system. Cooperate with relevant departments to speed up the revision of the "Regulations on the Administration of Housing Provident Fund" to purchase examination books. Further promote the construction of the housing provident fund operation and supervision system, and strive to cover 100 cities across the country by the end of 2012. Strengthen and improve services to ensure the safe and effective use of housing provident fund funds.
Sixth, increase the intensity of village and town construction. Accelerate the transformation of rural dilapidated houses, and the central government will raise the subsidy standard next year. Strengthen the preparation and implementation of village and town planning, expand the scope of pilot projects in green and low-carbon key small towns, and strengthen the protection of traditional villages.
Seven is to further strengthen the construction market and engineering quality and safety supervision. Focus on promoting the construction of the tangible construction market. Fully implement the quality and safety responsibilities of all parties. Strengthen the dynamic supervision of qualifications, and strictly manage market access and clearance.
Eight is to earnestly do a good job in law enforcement in the field of housing urban-rural construction. Speed ​​up the improvement of housing and urban-rural construction laws and regulations and engineering construction standards, and continue to implement the "Regulations on the Acquisition and Compensation of Housing on State-owned Land." Standardize the power of administrative punishment in areas such as urban and rural planning, continue to strengthen inspection and law enforcement, and increase the intensity of case investigation.
The meeting also emphasized that the housing and urban-rural construction system must continue to deepen the construction of party style, clean government, spiritual civilization and style of work, strengthen the combat effectiveness and cohesion of the cadre team, and lay a solid foundation for the smooth completion of various tasks.
During the meeting, the leaders from the housing and urban-rural construction departments in Liaoning, Guangxi and other places exchanged experiences. Departments of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of all provinces and autonomous regions, construction committees of municipalities directly under the Central Government and related departments, construction committees of cities under separate state planning and related departments, chiefs of discipline inspection teams, directors of civilization offices, chiefs of Construction Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, relevant bureaus (offices of relevant central departments) The person in charge, the person in charge of the relevant departments (bureaus) of the State Council, the person in charge of the Engineering Bureau of the General Logistics Department's Infrastructure and Housing Department, and the relevant person in charge of the China Seamen Construction Union attended the meeting. The meeting also invited persons in charge of urban and rural housing construction in some cities above the prefecture level and some county (city) people's governments to attend.
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